Disney Trip Log #4: You Could Sustain, or Are You Comfortable With the Pain?

I should have known better when Matt told me we would take it easy this trip. According to our FitBits, we’ve averaged out 8 to 9 miles of walking a day. Then again, this IS Disney. Can’t expect any less. Besides, walking is good for Zelda. And in Epcot, you do a lot of walking. More on that in a moment.

The entrance to the Food and Wine area.

Matt left out a couple of details from yesterday’s blog, mostly because he wanted to leave the topics up to me. The first is The Nautilus Adventure. See, we got tipped off about this elusive Nautilus mug from Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. Trader Sam’s is a lot like Jock Lindsey’s: light on the food, heavy on the libations. Matt just wanted to get his hands on that Nautilus (RIP 20,000 Leagues ride). Both of us have fond memories of that ride, though mine are remarkably more fuzzy since I only rode it once in 1986.

Well, we made it to the Grog Grotto after a mid-afternoon nap. Unfortunately, it was pouring, which meant the outside deck was not open. The wait to sit inside was an hour. I said what the hell, let’s wait. After a bit, the bar in outside opened up and we were able to order a drink. Matt ordered The Nautilus and found out he had to drink it separately from the souvenir mug due to the inclement weather (don’t ask, I don’t get it either). Only when she handed Matt two full-sized drinks did we understand that The Nautilus was a drink for two. And it was potent. The Nautilus “mug” was the size of my head. Matt declared he would drink both “for the child” and proceeded to drink. By the end of it, he was serenading anyone that would listen to Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike.” He rallied for the rest of the evening and we went on to Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Oh yeah, and I got some unsolicited advice about rides. I’d done my research about what I could and could not ride. On the monorail, a lady asked me when I was due. I said February. I added I was happy to be in the Magic Kingdom that day because I could actually ride the rides, unlike Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios MGM. “Oh,” she said, “My daughter was pregnant and she rode EVERYTHING. Even that elevator ride. Her kid turned out fine.” You know what? That’s frikkin’ lovely. I’m sure your daughter’s pregnancy is the shining example of what all pregnancies are like.

Various offerings of different sodas from around the world.

Today was an Epcot day. It’s also special because it’s me and Matt’s three year anniversary. We woke up early to some excellent room service for breakfast and took our time getting out of the hotel. When we got to Epcot, we spent our time walking around the World Showcase and sampling various foods at the Food and Wine Festival. We did stop by Club Cool and try the different sodas, including the ritual tasting of Beverly, the WORST soda I have ever tasted. 

Looking pensive in China.

Matt made a beeline for the lamb meatballs from New Zealand, easily his favorite. I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I watched him enjoy various foods and beers. I was bummed I couldn’t have my favorite lychee vodka drink from China, but I noticed a lychee iced tea option and found it quite lovely. We spent a fair amount of time camped out in Japan, our favorite spot to relax and people watch.

SIDE NOTE: I have sampled more fru-fru nonalcoholic fruit drinks and flavored iced teas these past two days than I have in the past year. Also, our food and libation tabs are remarkably lower.

View from our favorite spot in Japan.

We went to Le Cellier, the Canadian steakhouse, for our anniversary dinner. He had a ribeye, and I had a vegetarian potato cannelloni dish. Both were delicious. The only dampener on the whole day was how utterly humid it was (see what I did there?). It was so humid I felt like we were swimming through a sponge. We both spent the entire day covered in a sweat sheen. At one point, Matt put his hand on the back of my neck and remarked how gross it felt. I said, “Yeah. And Do you have any idea how gross the rest of my body feels?” Even as I type this, I am anticipating a nice, hot shower and getting this film off.

Hold on, for one more day.

Two bonuses to the evening. One, my cousin came out with her family and we spent the evening doing another lap around the Showcase. Two, Wilson Phillips was randomly doing a show for the festival. For real. All in all, a fun evening. I ended it on a bright note, sitting on chaise lounge in the Grand Floridian, listening to the pianist play random Disney tunes.

A lovely day, and a lovely anniversary.



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