Girl Talk

By Angela

Here we are, over a month since the last post. We had a wonderful Christmas, but we didn’t post about it. New Year’s was quiet and we enjoyed ourselves, and we didn’t post about that, either. Now we’re a couple of weeks short of Zelda’s second birthday, and I’m finally finding a little time to write. We really need to get better about that. I know our blog doesn’t get too much attention, but we do know we have a small, dedicated following. It’s you guys I think about when I consider abandoning this project, because I know you enjoy it. As always, thank you for reading.

Growing up way too fast.

In the last post I wrote, I was worried about the fact she wasn’t talking so much, probably because I expected it to happen a lot sooner and everyone around me seemed to comment about how smart their kids were because they were talking AT THE AGE OF ONE. Turns out I was pretty dumb for even worrying. One, many friends assured me that there is no correlation between talking early and smarts. Two, she started talking out of nowhere. I’m starting to think this is a common theme of parenthood: worrying about absolutely nothing.

Zelda started talking over Christmas break. Not just a little, either. She’s naming animals, counting, making demands, and starting to comment about things going on in the world around her. It happened so suddenly, I hardly had time to digest it. One minute there was a stream of gobbeldygook, the next she’s saying letters and asking for the phone.

Some fun developments:

  • One day we were in the drive-thru for McDonald’s. Matt asked what we should get her for lunch, and I said, “Just get her some nuggz (Eng speak for nuggets) and fries.” There was a beat of silence, then Zelda whispered, conspirator-like, “Fries.”
  • When we FaceTimed our cousin Maren for her seventh birthday, Zelda saw her face and said, clear as a bell, “Maren.” Maren was so excited and the whole exchange was ridiculously adorable.
  • She says “kee,” “puppy,” “dog,” and “Torrance.” I’m especially pleased about her saying Torrance, for multiple reasons. However, I’m not pleased she shares her crackers with the dog.
  • When she is finished with something, she says “Done.” Usually it’s when she’s
    “Done” with her brioche and having a laugh.

    finished eating, but she also uses it to signal when she’s finished with her bath, potty training, and playing with a toy. In a not-so-fun context, when she was sick last week, she was throwing up about every half-hour so so. Every time she did, she would cry and say, “Done.” It was enough to break my heart.

  • She’s got a working knowledge of potty words, thanks to listening when Matt plays Star Wars Battlefront. The other day, she dropped a hanger down the back of our headboard and exclaimed, “Uh oh! Oh shit!”

It’s great to hear her start vocalizing the things she wants or doesn’t want, but it is still a bit frustrating to try and decipher what’s bothering her when she hasn’t developed the vocabulary for it yet. I guess that’s a hallmark of how quickly we assimilated to her talking. Moments like those remind me that a) she still has a long way to go, and b) the fact she is able to speak and express herself is a blessing in itself.

My favorite, though?

When I hear her say “Mommy.”

“Mommy, let’s blow this joint.”